Uncontested Divorce

If you and your spouse agree to divorce and have no support or other money to pass between you, you may be eligible to file an Uncontested Divorce on papers only, i.e., without a Settlement Agreement. The cost savings can be significant.

I am happy to discuss your particular situation to see if you can proceed on this basis. If so, these would be the steps to follow:

Uncontested Divorce Process

  1. After our initial consultation I will send you an intake form, which will include your and your spouse’s full legal name, address, social security number and other information I need to prepare the retainer and draft the uncontested papers.
  2. Once I receive the intake form I will prepare a retainer agreement for your signature.
  3. Once I receive the retainer agreement and retainer payment I would prepare the initial papers for your review and then file the Summons and purchase an index number. You would then provide a copy of the Defendant’s Affidavit to your spouse for signature before a notary and return back to me.
  4. You would then sign the Plaintiff’s Affidavit and the Verified Complaint before a notary and return them to me or you may meet me in my office to sign those documents.
  5. Once I have the executed Plaintiff’s Affidavit and the Verified Complaint I will draft the final documents for your review and file the uncontested divorce packet. Please note that no papers will be filed unless I have received full payment.
  6. We would then wait for the court’s review. If the court has an issue I would notify you so that we can rectify. If all is in order we should receive notice of the divorce judgment in approximately 4-6 months. I would notify you by email and have my courier pick up a certified copy of the judgment of divorce for you, a copy of which I would send to your spouse, and I would complete the Notice of Entry process.

Contact our office and let us know how we can help.