Welcome to the Law and Mediation Practice of Catherine Canadé

The Law and Mediation Practice of Catherine Canadé serves clients in Downtown Brooklyn and Nassau and Suffolk counties of Long Island. Catherine’s practice is dedicated exclusively to non-litigious solutions for families in transition. Through divorce and family mediation, the collaborative process, or negotiated settlement – where the clients shape and determine the results – Catherine assists her clients in achieving resolutions that are workable, affordable and durable, through processes that are far more efficient and cost effective in resolving conflict than working through the court system.

Catherine CanadeNon-adversarial processes allow couples to take ownership of a conflict and personally shape its resolution to best serve their needs and those of their families. Mediation can promote understanding and communication to help clients move toward effective coparenting relationships. When clients need a little more support, the collaborative process and negotiated settlement keep the best interests of the children in the forefront without the costs, uncertainty and emotional volatility of the court process.

In order to make informed choices you need all relevant information. Catherine has a team of professionals, such as financial advisors, divorce coaches, therapists, parenting coordinators and review and consulting attorneys to help provide clients with what they need to move forward fully informed.