Collaborative Law

Collaborative law is a cost-effective and more respectful way of reaching agreements that work for both of the parties and their families as they go through the emotional and financial upheaval of separation and divorce.

The collaborative process is an alternative to the traditional litigation model in which both parties and their attorneys commit to resolving their conflict without intervention by the courts.

The attorneys agree to cooperate to resolve differences rather than using adversarial techniques that can prolong the process, increase hostilities and cost increasing amounts of money for both side. In fact, if the parties do proceed to litigation, the attorneys have agreed to step out of the process and new litigators are hired thus creating an incentive for the attorneys to help the parties settle their differences rather than to keep the conflict going.

In addition to the attorneys, professionals such as financial planners, child specialists, and divorce coaches often play a strong supporting role in the collaborative process, helping the clients to make fully informed decisions in the right frame of mind in which to do so.

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